Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skip It, America!

I personally don't have much to say about this track but apparently it was a reliable little ditty as my wife made her way across the country. Here is what she has to say:

"Wilson Phillips ~ "Hold On"

This song was used quite a bit in the documentary Skip It, America! (yet to be released) by myself and Lauren Branks. There were times during our journey across America when we felt we could skip no more, but time and again, we would call each other and sing this old stand-by, and after a few tears and a lot of pitchiness, we made it. "Yeah I know that there is pain but you hold on for one more day and you break free, break from the chains." Thank you Wilson Phillips. Thank you, "Hold On." "


  1. So...I liked this song, but only because one of the girls looked like lt. Tasha Yar from Star Trek The Next Generation. I will now light myself on fire.

  2. Nice. BURNING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!