Monday, August 10, 2009

Top Ten Worst Awesomest Rap Songs Ever #1

Over the past week or so I have submitted what I think are the worst awesomest rap songs I can imagine. There are plenty of tracks deserving mention that didn't make the list but I will reserve those for individual (outside a list) posts. This final track is quite possibly the guiltiest pleasure I have when it comes to music. I absolutely loath two of the rappers that comprise this trio but am oddly entranced every time this song hits the radio. Please open your ears and let P Diddy, Mase and the posthumous B.I.G. make your day.Ain't nuttin changed but my limp bitches. It's like my daddy always said (not really), Mo Money, Mo Problems - #1 is coming.

Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money, Mo Problems


  1. yes, yes, yes....a thousand times YES! This was a great countdown and a great #1 song. I look forward to your next list of worst awesome songs. Maybe next you can do 80s hair bands or one hit wonders...or what about movies? Great blog...keep 'em coming.

  2. oooh..... Just saw this comment. I like the worst awesomest hair band songs (probably can only go five their) and the movie idea. Woot!