Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Top 5 80's Songs - Number 4

Queen - Under Pressure

With a bass line that would later help Vanilla Ice sell millions of records and two of the greatest vocalists ever in the rock genre it would be a giant mistake not to include this on the list. I can remember listening to my parents vinyl copy of Queen's greatest hits and literally bouncing off of the walls during this track.

Here is another great track with the word pressure in the title that would have fallen somewhere in the top 100 had I made a list that large.

Billy Joel - Pressure


  1. GREAT SONG! I love Bowie & Queen. Maybe this should be one of the GREATEST SONGS EVER!

  2. there was a period around the time just before heroes (i think) where bowie really wanted to work with kraftwerk but his publicists thought it'd be a disaster and dissuaded him from doing it...

  3. ccs - That would have been insanely interesting. Kraftwerk would have made some great beats for Bowie. It may have been pop suicide though.